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About The Book

About the book

After 3½ years intense research, Tim Foley’s biography of Tom Crean, gave rise, in October 2020, to a substantial revision of the article entry in the internationally recognised Dictionary of Irish Biography, a collaboration between the Royal Irish Academy and Cambridge University Press. During his research, it was quickly recognised that Tom Crean’s story had, since the year 2000, been populated with a number of inaccuracies. Furthermore, previous accounts written about Tom Crean, were missing a host of significant events throughout his life and career. Crean – The Extraordinary Life of an Irish Hero provides readers with an opportunity to discover Tom Crean in a focused and fully-referenced account that is the most comprehensive publication to chronicle the life of this remarkable man.

Since 2010, Tim has been the driving force of a campaign to honour a man with a incredible story. Tom Crean, the subject of the book Crean -The Extraordinary Life of an Irish Hero,, was born and raised a few miles away from the author’s father, on the breathtaking Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland.

Tim’s narrative is based on extensive research and study into the life of Crean, who first saw the light of day in impoverished surrounds just a quarter of a century after the Great Irish Famine. Crean would later go on to join the Navy at 16 years old and embarked upon a career that saw him become a member of three major pioneering Polar expeditions of the 20th century.

About The Book Tom Crean BookThe story commences in late 19th century Ireland under the governance of the British Empire and continues through Crean’s career in the Royal Navy whilst serving under the leadership of Captain Robert Falcon Scott and Sir Ernest Shackleton over the course of three Antarctic expeditions, Discovery, 1901-1904, Terra Nova, 1910-1913 and Endurance, 1914-1916.

After serving an unhappy apprenticeship under the strict governance of the Navy at the age of 16, Able Seaman, Tom Crean found himself thrust into a major international incident on his first Naval assignment to the Americas serving on the Pacific Station. It sparked another miserable period of his Naval career and resulted in demotions until an opportunity arose that would lead him to the place where he became most associated with – Antarctica.

Crean found his true calling during the heroic age of exploration on the frozen continent. Four of the chapters in the book focus on documented tales of Crean’s remarkable heroism that brought about the life-saving rescue of 28 of his colleagues over three separate occasions.

We are then taken through to Crean’s retirement and his return to a changed country in the aftermath of rebellion and in the midst of a War of Independence that came at a great personal loss to Tom Crean.

The book goes on to question why and how Crean’s story was largely forgotten during his lifetime and after his death.

Born in 1877, the son of a farmer into an impoverished life in County Kerry, Ireland, Tom Crean’s tale is one of suffering. successes and sadness but above all, it’s a story of an unassuming man who displayed unparalleled bravery to save the lives of others whilst subject to the harshest conditions on the planet.

Print Versions available

The first edition print version, released August 2018 is longer available and from 25th October 2019 it was replaced by the second edition, centenary version.

The third edition centenary version was written after discovering yet more information and this is now available having been released on 30th September 2020.

There are now four third edition versions available to buyers.

ISBN 9781999918996 Colour Paperback – Buy Here

ISBN 9781999918989 Colour Hardcover – Buy Here

ISBN 9781999918972 Amazon Black and White paperback – Buy Here

Audiobook (6hrs 15mins) based on the third edition – Buy Here

Both Paperback and Hardcover Colour versions can also be ordered through any book retailer worldwide quoting the title and the relevant ISBN to your chosen book retailer.

The Black and White version is only available for purchase from Amazon.

New to the collection of Tom Crean books is the children’s version Tom The Mighty Explorer available as an e-book and as a 150-page, 8in x 8in Colour Paperback.

About The Book Tom Crean Book

Adapted for children aged between 6-10 years old, the book contains 27 colour illustrations, 4 maps and an interactive section.

The e-book with a map audio guide is available via Apple iBooks and Gumroad

Colour Print Version – ISBN 9781527277083  become available from 10th November 2020.

Signed Second Edition

I’ve had many requests for signed editions and there are still second edition print versions of an author version made using a full colour style format of paper making this a heavier book. ISBN 9781999918941 was made in Castleisland, County Kerry under the imprint Keel Foley Publishing and these is limited stock of this version still available. Signed copies of the second edition Kerry made version, can be ordered on the website or by contacting and each copy arrives with a free custom-designed bookmark.

Copies of this version are also available for visitors in County Kerry and more can be read here

Here on the website shop, the Kerry-made version is available in sets of one, two or five copies and I’ve reduced the price to £10.00 (and equivalent foreign currency prices) per copy.

For greater volume orders and for all book retailer inquiries please contact us via the e-mail  

Crean – The Extraordinary Life Of An Irish Hero and Tom The Mighty Explorer were written in celebration of a hero whose light cannot be allowed to extinguish.

About The Book Tom Crean Book

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