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Ireland finally honours Tom Crean

Under the auspices of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Ireland finally provided recognition for Tom Crean in the shape of a scientific research vessel, named RV Tom Crean.Ireland finally honours Tom Crean Tom Crean Book

January 31st 2021 will go down in history as the day Ireland finally honoured Tom Crean and our 11-year campaign for his official honour had particular cause to celebrate with all Crean fans across the world. 

It happened to be one of the 16,175 signatories to the petition, Lorcán Ó Cinnéide, who brought our campaign to honour Tom Crean, to the attention of the board of the Marine Institute of which he was once a member.

After familiarising themselves with Crean’s incredible story, a historic decision to name the new government funded research vessel, RV Tom Crean, was made and Lorcán informed me of the ground-breaking news.

Lorcán, who signed the campaign petition a day after it was created in 2016, said:

“This is just and long overdue reward for Tom, and a great day for the campaign to have him recognised.”

There does still remain a second opportunity in the naming of the planned Multi Role Vessel that will replace the current flagship of the Irish Navy and Tom Crean’s name will also be considered for this vessel.

To understand why his country needed to recognise his huge contribution to Irish history and how his actions have brought a huge sense of pride to his compatriots, it’s necessary to read his incredible story. Crean’s story is amazing, and although the names of those he served under were engraved in the history books, I believe history has been unkind to Crean only because of his status at a time when the class system governed those who were deemed worthy of fame, plaudits and honour.  His story outshines them all and after many years in research, it has been chronicled, for both adults and children, as never before for all to read.

If you wish to purchase the books they are available in a variety of formats through online sellers such as Amazon. Link to biography Crean The Extraordinary Life of an Irish Hero – The link to the children’s book Tom The Mighty Explorer –