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The Rescue – Tom Crean at the Falkland Islands

On this day at Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands, after the first failed attempt to rescue the stranded men from Elephant Island, Tom Crean was met and greeted by a fellow Kerryman, Tralee-born Daniel John O’Sullivan, as he disembarked the whaler, the Southern Sky.

The Rescue – Tom Crean at the Falkland Islands Tom Crean BookThe Southern Sky wasn’t able to penetrate the thick pack ice and the first of four attempts had to be abandoned.

To the left here we see Tom Crean stood left alongside Sir Ernest Shackleton, the Norwegian captain, Ingvar Thom and Frank Worsley.

Daniel progressed in his career to become the Chief Constable of the Falkland Islands police force and he never forgot his good friend Tom Crean. In 1926, ten years after their last meeting, Daniel travelled to Annascaul to visit Crean and no doubt they recalled the epic tale of rescue that was played out in the Southern hemisphere, Crean’s second home.

The image of Daniel that introduces this post as Chief Constable of the Falkland Island Police, is one that features on the Falkland Island Government’s website.
For Tom Crean, it must have been comforting to meet and hear a fellow countryman at what was a stressful time for himself, Shackleton and Worsley.

The Elephant Island rescue attempt aboard Southern Sky was to be the first of four and each time, the ice proved to be the main barrier.

To read Tom Crean’s full story, the book can be purchased at the following link.

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