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Tom Crean’s Biography Makes for a Special Christmas Gift

It’s clear from the orders going out that the timing of the newly released Special Edition of Crean The Extraordinary Life of an Irish Hero makes for a great Christmas gift and in this post I want to take people through the buying options for the book.

Before I do elaborate on this, I want to tell you that this new version has 20 more pages than was in the first edition and that I uncovered further information related to Tom Crean, one story in particular, that will come as a surprise to readers as it did to me.

And so to the book versions available.

There are currently two print versions available, one of which is a book I personally arranged a print run of – a County Kerry made version printed by Walsh Colour Print in Castleisland. The book utilises a full colour grade paper and weighs 530 grammes. I distribute the book from Manchester UK and it is available for shipping to individuals and to booksellers across the globe. Because I distribute the book personally, I am able to offer signed copies if requested and this book arrives with a free bookmark of which there is a choice of two. To make buying the book easy it can be purchased direct from this website here or, to save you the process of going through the shop pages, i can take orders to my e-mail. To do this please email and advise me of the address you wish the book to be shipped to. I will then send out a payment request detailing the price including postage. The Kerry-made version is priced at £15.99 + postage. For orders greater than 5 books I am happy to negotiate a discount and please advise me of this when you contact me.

People may come across the book being sold for £13.99 as it appears in the websites of major online retailers as can be seen below. It begs the question: why is this version more affordable than the Kerry-made book? I deliberately applied a lower cost because the book, which contains the same content and images as the Kerry-made version, is almost 100 grammes lighter in weight as it uses a lighter grade of paper in its manufacture. Unfortunately for this version, I am unable to add a signature or include a bookmark as it is delivered to you direct from the retailers who place their orders via the Print-on Demand supplier, in this case Ingram Spark

Tom Crean's Biography Makes for a Special Christmas Gift Tom Crean BookThe Print-on-demand and the Kerry-made versions are available from most major book retailers such as Amazon, Waterstones, Foyles and Barnes and Noble, yet absent from this list currently, is Eason’s who are the largest bookstore chain in Ireland. I’m waiting to hear back from them and will update here on the page when I do.

I hope that clears up things and I will be as expedient as possible in getting book orders out over the festive period, for those people purchasing copies as a Christmas gift.

For the purpose of placing orders of the book through your local bookstore, all you need do is provide the title and the identification number for the version you wish to order and they are as follows.

Crean – The Extraordinary Life of an Irish Hero – Special Edition Centenary Version

Kerry Made version – ISBN 9781999918941

Print-on-demand version – ISBN 9781999918958

Because of my research Tom Crean's story has changed so do please share the posts.
    Tom Crean's Biography Makes for a Special Christmas Gift Tom Crean Book    

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