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You can purchase all formats and versions of the Tom Crean biography ‘Crean – The Extraordinary Life of an Irish Hero’ and the children’s book, ‘Tom The Mighty Explorer’, at our website shop. Click here to visit

If you wish to purchase more than 10 copies of the Signed Second Edition Tom Crean Biography which we carry a limited stock of, then we are able to apply a discount and you can contact me direct at to make an enquiry

My account of Crean’s life focuses almost entirely on Tom Crean and rarely deviates from his life and career.

During my research I unearthed a host of new information about Crean that had never before been published. I also discovered that a previous account of his life written by Michael Smith, contained a number of inaccuracies and was missing a host of signifiant events, assignments and people who played a part in Crean’s story. To check out some of what I discovered, check out the following post –

I submitted all of my research to the Royal Irish Academy and after examination they confirmed that substantial changes were to be made to the official entry for Crean in the Dictionary of Irish Biography, in light of what I had found.

Yes – if you are a bookseller or a school and you wish to purchase books in greater volume than ten copies, then I’m happy to offer a discount relevant on the number of books you require.

Please send me the details of which books and how many you require and I will come back to you with the cost.

Eason do not stock my books nor have they ever offered me a valid explanation for this despite many requests since the release of the first edition in 2018.

On 7th July 2021, they did respond finally to an email I sent asking them why they still offer books about Tom Crean that contain inaccuracies when they were fully aware that Tom Crean’s story had been revised in light of the sources I had submitted to the Royal Irish Academy. Those changes were applied to the Dictionary of Irish Biography in March 2021.

Their response was:

“These books are selected based on their potential appeal to our broad customer base. Alternatively, if they are revised or later editions of a published title, we assess their performance within the Irish market based on Nielsen ICM data”.

So, in a nutshell, despite my self-published biography of Crean being the only account of his life that has had the content within it and the sources used to transcribe it, officially validated, books about Crean, both children’s and adult version that have been released by established publishers and that contain inaccuracies and are missing a series of events, are given a place on the Eason bookshelf because they sell more. It has to be remembered that Eason are fully aware of the changes made to Tom Crean’s story and that I had offered, on a number of occasions, to send them my entire sources so they too could examine them – they never did take me up on that offer. However they did end their message to me with the following gem of a swerve:

“With regard to Eason stocking existing titles referencing Tom Cream, any issue regarding their content is not for Eason to assess and should be taken up with the respective publishers”

It leaves a bitter taste in the mouth to learn that factual accounts of a story are of little importance when it comes to book sales and that readers of all ages are destined to digest falsehoods about Tom Crean’s life for the foreseeable future based entirely on the business decision of a bookseller.

I believe it’s morally and ethically wrong but I’m a minnow in a sea of sharks and can do nothing to change it other that  keep continuing to raise awareness of the facts on this page.

Ok, rant over but that is the answer to why Eason do not stock my books.

As we live in the digital age and to save on travelling and subsistence costs, I’m happy to use a video platform such as Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Skype or WhatsApp to tell children about Tom Crean and to answer their questions. Wherever you are located in the world this is possible.

Because I live in the UK, I am able to undertake physical visits to schools here if requested. E-mail me at info@tomcreanbook to make an enquiry of this type and I will come back to you.

You can contact me directly from within or outside of the UK using the number 0044 (0)7887727477

In most cases, yes, providing you apply accreditation in the form of ©Tim Foley and a link to

I am an accommodating chap but there will be certain instances in which I wouldn’t allow images or content of mine to be used so It’s better to let me know first where and how you wish to use them.

Absolutely you can and I’m excited to learn more about your project whether it be for children or the grown-ups. I’d be happy to impart my knowledge of Crean to help you.

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Because of my research Tom Crean's story has changed so do please share the posts.
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