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Introducing the New Tom Crean Children’s Book

Introducing the New Tom Crean Children's Book Tom Crean Book

Written for ages 6-10 year olds, the 150-page fully-illustrated book Tom The Mighty Explorer is now available in a variety of formats including colour paperback, an audiobook and an e-book with interactive elements.

One of the formats I chose to release was the e-book for Apple devices because sound files can be utilised for this version and with four maps in this book, it allowed me the opportunity to make them a little easier to understand for children. My apologies in advance for my Manchester brogue.

The print version of this new Tom Crean children’s book is also now available to order through any bookshop in the world using the ISBN number 978-1-5272-7708-3. The book is also available through online stores such as Amazon. There are different interactive elements for children than in the e-book version and I believe kids will love it. I’ve absolutely loved writing it and directing all the illustrations that appear in there.

With 25 great colour illustrations, a fun Tom Crean children’s quiz and an educative yet fun Antarctic element in there, I believe it’s a great introduction to Tom Crean’s story for young ones and after writing it with my kiddies hat on there’s a few humorous parts that will entertain I’m sure. I couldn’t fit ‘farts’ in there but that’s more than made up for with other funny elements that children will chuckle away at.

Introducing the New Tom Crean Children's Book Tom Crean Book

Incorporating much of the new information that I sourced for the adult version of the 3rd Edition book, Crean – The Extraordinary Life of an Irish Hero, it’s great for me to know that the children reading this will be among the first to learn fresh information about Tom as well as being made aware of some important facts that sadly never entered Crean’s timeline before.

Introducing the New Tom Crean Children's Book Tom Crean Book

I’d love to learn what people think of the new Tom Crean children’s book so please contact me and let me know your thoughts. I was fortunate to have had the valuable feedback of a focus group made up of parents, grandparents and teachers to help me shape the book and I’m confident it works to educate, entertain and inspire children.

Because of my research Tom Crean's story has changed so do please share the posts.
    Introducing the New Tom Crean Children's Book Tom Crean Book    

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