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New Audiobook Version – Now you can listen to the story of Tom Crean

Some time back, in a comment on one of the posts I’d written, a person with impaired vision asked if there was yet an audiobook version of the book. Sadly I had to reply that there wasn’t but it got me thinking how best to use the time we’d all been cooped up in lockdown.  I decided to continue my research on Tom Crean and it’s resulted in a further 17 pages being added in the third edition of the book.

The third edition print versions in both hard and paperback, were released at the end of September 2020 and include yet more fresh and surprising information about Tom Crean along with a new map, – one that isn’t of the Antarctic regions. I believe now that after almost three and a half years since I started my research, that I’ve finally discovered as much fresh information as I possibly could about Crean’s incredible life. That doesn’t mean to say there isn’t still more, just to say that I’ve exhausted all avenues available to me at this time.

As audiobooks are becoming more and more popular, not just for those who find it difficult to read, I remembered the comment and I set about more about how to make an audio version available. The result, after working in a collaboration, is a 6 hour 15 minutes narration delivered in a perfect tone and style, by Aoife Burke, a native of ‘Beautiful Meath.’ It’s pioneering in that it’s the first ever audiobook of Tom Crean’s life. The second happens to the the children’s version Tom The Mighty Explorer but I’ll save revealing more about that for another post.

I did toy with the idea of having a go at the narration myself but that thought lasted all of 30 seconds after realising that my Mancunian accent would have had listeners turning it off in their droves unable to understand a word I was saying. Thank god sanity prevailed and Aoife’s voice perfectly fits the style and tone of the story..

The audiobook is now available here at Amazon’s Audible platform and there’s also a short sample audio available to listen to.

New Audiobook Version - Now you can listen to the story of Tom Crean Tom Crean Book

I’m really happy with the final production and it’s been wonderful to read the great reviews listeners have already added to Audible, the platform the book is available though.

The new information I discovered is surprisingly extensive and the pre-Antarctic travels of the young Tom Crean to a number of places, will come as a bit of a shock to readers and listeners.

Among the places he visited during his service aboard HMS Wild Swan were, Hawaii, San Diego, Acapulco, Tahiti, Seattle and many more, too numerous to mention. After researching this and other missing periods from Crean’s timeline I’ve transcribed them all to this third edition account of the book and the audiobook. There really was a whole lot more to Tom Crean’s life and career than was ever thought and I’m delighted to be able to reveal it in my account of his life, a book that gave rise to official revisions of Crean’s story in the Dictionary of Irish Biography

Researching and writing Crean’s Life Story

New Audiobook Version - Now you can listen to the story of Tom Crean Tom Crean BookMy book, Crean — The Extraordinary Life of an Irish Hero, has been as much a labour of love for me as it has been a passion to see Tom Crean awarded the recognition he deserves from the country he loved.

For 3½ years I researched Crean’s story at some of the world’s most respected archives to be able to chronicle his story. In doing so I’ve unearthed a substantial amount of new information never before published about this incredible man and I became aware of many errors that exist in the existing timeline of his life.

In mid-2020 I presented a 7,000 word document and three folders containing files and sub-folders of the sources I used as references and notes to write the book. Used as evidence of inaccuracies and missing information, this was submitted to the Royal Irish Academy after I offered to share the research I’ve gathered over the period of my investigating Crean’s life in preparation for writing his biography.

In an update of huge importance, on October 2nd, 2020, I received confirmation from the Royal Irish Academy, that the entry for Tom Crean in the internationally recognised, Dictionary of Irish Biography, would be revised in light of the evidence I provided them. Substantial revisions to Crean’s story were officially announced on March 17th 2021.

New Audiobook Version - Now you can listen to the story of Tom Crean Tom Crean BookFor children, and because existing children’s books about Crean also contain a number of inaccuracies, I have written a book specifically for 6-10 year-olds. Tom The Mighty Explorer. The book is based on my findings while researching Crean’s life. The story contains 27 fully illustrated images, 4 maps and a fun interactive section.

To discover more about Tom Crean and how to purchase any of the formats of the books you can read more at

Because of my research Tom Crean's story has changed so do please share the posts.
    New Audiobook Version - Now you can listen to the story of Tom Crean Tom Crean Book    

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