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Poster for Booksellers for the Special Edition

It’s plain for anyone who has read the book to see that as well as being a fully-referenced biography chronicling Tom Crean’s life, it also encourages people to subscribe to the mission to provide him the official honour he deserves. Within the pages of the second, special edition – a centenary version, is fresh information that sheds new light upon his story and I hope it wins more fans to the cause to honour him. Retailers stocking the book play an important part in growing the audience and this poster for booksellers is available to help support all trade stockists.

As well as promoting sales of the book, this platform exists to further inform and educate those who know little or nothing about Tom Crean. The timeline I recently added is a great way to discover him and my aim is to grow the global audience of all ages who will be enthralled by the amazing story of an incredible man.


Being a self-publisher, an important part of that plan are booksellers. Because my book is self-published, it’s more difficult to secure priority positioning in a bookshop so I’ve designed and created this poster specifically for booksellers.

Poster for Booksellers for the Special Edition Tom Crean BookThe poster is in A4 size in order to take up less space in your window and potential customers are immediately aware that they can purchase the book at your store.

This special, second edition of my book reveals newly found information from a surprising source along with additional information and images that make up an additional 20 pages that have supplement about Tom Crean

The book is a high-quality, professionally designed volume that will sit comfortably alongside books sourced from large publishing houses.

It’s release comes just five months before the 100-year anniversary of Tom Crean’s retirement from the Royal Navy and this Special, second Edition is labelled as a Centenary Version.

Important numbers to note if you are a bookseller or if you are an individual interested in ordering the book from a book retailer, are the versions that will become available to you and these are the following:

Book ISBN’s

The Kerry-made version ISBN 978-1-9999189-4-1 This version is distributed from Manchester, UK and arrives with a free custom-designed bookmark. Signed copies of this version are also available on request. Generous trade discounts are available and if you wish to know more please contact me on email at and leave your contact details – I will call you back.

The Lightning Source version ISBN 978-1-9999189-5-8 is distributed to booksellers via Ingram Spark and can be ordered directly from them. This is also the version that can be ordered via a number of online stores including Amazon. Unfortunately signed copies and the bookmarks aren’t available with this version as the books you receive are print-on-demand copies.

Addition to our Retail Stockists Web Directory

One other thing to note is that website, mail and telephone contact details of all retailers offering the book will be listed alongside others here on the website. As the campaign I operate has Crean fans from every corner of the globe, they are able to identify a bookseller close to them where they will be able to purchase a copy.

Because of my research Tom Crean's story has changed so do please share the posts.
    Poster for Booksellers for the Special Edition Tom Crean Book    

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