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Stay At Home Quiz 1 – Music

Welcome to your StayAtHome Quiz 1 - Music

It's important to remember that you only get one shot at this and you'll be timed so checking the answers out on Google won't help you in competition stakes

Stay At Home Quiz 1 - Music Tom Crean Book


1. Hollywood actor Cuba Gooding Jr's father was lead singer in a group that had a hit with the song "I Just Don't Want To Be Lonely" What was the name of the trio?
2. Steve Coogan's brother, Martin, was lead singer with The Mock Turtles whose hit was the backdrop for a Vodaphone advert.. 
Can you name the song?
3. Preceded by each number, i.e. 1. Willy Wonka, 2 Julie Andrews etc, name the singers using the text box below.

Stay At Home Quiz 1 - Music Tom Crean Book
4. Which Female artist has had the most UK No.1 hits?
5. Which of the singers was the oldest to reach No.1 in the UK Album Charts?
6. Which Rock Band is the best selling of all time according to number of sales  they achieved?
7. What is the Number one song of all time according to the American Billboard Charts?
8. Which is the best ever selling song by an Irish artist in the UK charts?
9. Which singer/songwriter wrote Cee Lo Green's hit "Forget You?"
10. Rapper Harrison Armstrong is better known by what name?
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