Tom Crean Book – 'Crean – The Extraordinary Life Of An Irish Hero'

Rediscover an Irish Hero

Tom Crean Book – 'Crean – The Extraordinary Life Of An Irish Hero'

Rediscover an Irish Hero

The Really Hard Polar History Quiz

Welcome to The Really Hard Polar Quiz


The timer is set to 10 minutes - it's started already - look, it's there at bottom right of your screen. So, no time to waste and you will only get one attempt - any subsequent attempts and the quiz will not show up.

You can determine your own score after you've submitted the quiz. Both your answers and all the correct answers will then appear.

If you've performed well then great, you can share it on Twitter or Facebook. If not, then it's probably best to keep it to yourself.

I set the questions and I'd be keeping it to myself if I'd taken it. Anyway, good luck and I do get a copy of the answers everyone put down so no porkies people 🙂


When its construction was completed, Endurance, the ship of Tom Crean's last expedition to Antarctica in 1914, was originally named what?Deselect Answer


Polar explorer William Speirs Bruce was born where?Deselect Answer


Which Polar Explorer was a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize?Deselect Answer


What is the highest mountain in Antarctica?Deselect Answer


Name the nine explorers
To enter the answers use the box below and, as an example, enter as follows 1. Willy Wonka, 2. Jimmy Cricket, 3. Mickey Mouse, etc
(If you get the surname only then award yourself the point but only if you spell it correctly)


Who led the first Norwegian expedition to Antarctica?Deselect Answer


Who was the first woman to set foot on the mainland of Antarctica?Deselect Answer


The coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth was where?
This could be a trick question but it might not beDeselect Answer


Alfred Cheetham, a good friend of Tom Crean, served on how many Antarctic expeditions?Deselect Answer


Arctic explorer Frederick Cook was jailed for fraud in 1923 and would be released in 1930. While in jail he was visited several times by another notable explorer - who?Deselect Answer

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