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Royal Irish Academy – Tom Crean story to be revised

Well, it’s almost official – the story of Tom Crean that the general public and schoolchildren have been exposed to for so many years, was populated with errors and failed to provide a complete or accurate picture of his life and career.

Final confirmation will arrive shortly when the Dictionary of Irish Biography’s article entry for Tom Crean is altered to reflect the new evidence discovered during my research

The evidence undeniably proves that readers of Tom Crean’s story have been misinformed about a number of important events relevant to Tom Crean’s story. The changes to his timeline will have to be addressed by bookstores, libraries and by those who sell children’s book versions about Crean to schools.

I’ve already contacted the NCCA, (National Council for Curriculum and Assessment), the Department for Education and Eason’s, Ireland’s largest bookstore chain, who also provide books to schools. My question to them all being:

In light of the revisions made to the article entry for Tom Crean in the Dictionary of Irish Biography, what actions, if any, will you take to ensure that books made available to buyers and schools, will be based on the verifiable and established facts about Tom Crean?

The changes to be made are substantial and of huge importance in the storyboard of Tom Crean. I received confirmation from the Royal Irish Academy, on 1st October, 2020, that the entry for Tom Crean in the internationally recognised, Dictionary of Irish Biography, will be revised in light of the evidence I provided them.

That evidence, a 7,000 word document and two folders containing files and sub-folders of the sources I used as references to write the book, was submitted to them after my offer to share the research I’ve gathered over the past 3½ years.

The revisions now beg the question: how were falsehoods allowed to have entered the timeline of Tom Crean’s life and career in the first instance?

Primarily responsible are those publishers who do not factcheck an author’s research and sources. All author’s of historical non-fiction have a duty to substantiate and validate their work but clearly, in the case of Tom Crean, this never occurred. As a consequence, readers of Crean’s story have been infiltrated with a number of falsehoods about his life for many years.

News of the changes coincide with the release of the third edition of my book which sets the records straight and provides the most comprehensive and accurate study focusing on Tom Crean’s life and career.

I want to thank the Royal Irish Academy for giving me the opportunity of submitting the evidence and for their decision to act upon it.

I’ve now completed an illustrated children’s book based on my findings and aimed at 6-10 age group. I wrote it solely because other children’s books about Crean drew their stories from the existing and erroneous knowledge bank of Crean’s life. That same narrative has been taught in Irish schools for many years and the new book, Tom The Mighty Explorer, will give children the opportunity to discover just how prodigious a traveller Tom Crean was and how much more eventful his life was than was ever previously thought.

I will update here when, or if, I receive a response from those governing bodies I’ve contacted.

Because of my research Tom Crean's story has changed so do please share the posts.
    Royal Irish Academy - Tom Crean story to be revised Tom Crean Book    

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