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Royal Irish Academy – Tom Crean’s Dictionary of Irish Biography entry to be revised

In an update of huge importance, I have received confirmation from the Royal Irish Academy, that the entry for Tom Crean in the internationally recognised, Dictionary of Irish Biography, will now be revised in light of the evidence I provided them.

That evidence, a 7,000 word document and two folders containing files and sub-folders of the sources I used as references to write the book, was submitted to them after my offer to share the research I’ve gathered over the past 3½ years.

It is hugely significant in that the need for revision now begs the question how were falsehoods allowed to have entered the timeline of Tom Crean’s life and career in the first instance?

To get a greater understanding of that problem in a wider sense, every reader, writer and publisher would do well to read this recently published article.

High among those responsible in the misrepresentation of Tom Crean’s story is Wikipedia, whose policy it is to cite only books released under the charge of a recognised publisher as the source for their articles. Self-published accounts such as mine are considered by them to be an unreliable source.

If we just stop and think about that policy for a minute, it’s discriminatory against all self-published authors and I’ll be surprised if one day it isn’t subjected to a legal challenge. It will though have to be someone with deeper pockets than me. Someone who discovered as I did, that a subject they were passionate about, had been miss-served by misleading accounts released to an unsuspecting public.

Primarily responsible are those publishers who do not factcheck their author’s research and sources. The saying ‘never let the truth get in the way of a good story’ springs to mind when profits are the priority. The sources used and books written to chronicle Tom Crean’s story were clearly never fact-checked by their publishers or by the author and I consider it pretty shameful that young and old minds have been infiltrated with a number of falsehoods about his life for so many years.

The news that revisions will now be made to Tom Crean’s official entry in the DIB, comes on the release of the third edition of my book which presents a comprehensive and accurate study that focuses on Tom Crean’s life and career and is supported by valid sources.

Like every other Tom Crean fan, I had no reason to disbelieve what I read about him until I began my own research and thereafter the loneliness of being the only person who was aware of the truth, was the most frustrating feeling I’d ever experienced. The relief of knowing my efforts have not been in vain is immense and I want to thank the Royal Irish Academy for giving me the opportunity of submitting the evidence and for their decision to act upon it.

I’m also close to completing an illustrated children’s book based on my findings and aimed at 7-10 age group. I wrote it because it’s been really frustrating for me to know that the existing and erroneous knowledge bank of Crean’s life has been taught in Irish schools for many years and children will now have the opportunity to discover just how prodigious a traveller Tom Crean was and how much more eventful his life was than was ever previously thought.

On the day I received news of the decision, I was contacted, as I often am, by another primary school teacher. She’s beginning a project with her class next week about Tom Crean and soon after the release of the first edition of my book back in 2018, I made a PDF version freely available to schools. The hope now is that schools will also act upon the decision to ensure the correct information is fed to the young minds who will one day become the re-tellers of Tom Crean’s amazing story.

Royal Irish Academy - Tom Crean's Dictionary of Irish Biography entry to be revised Tom Crean Book

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  •  Royal Irish Academy - Tom Crean's Dictionary of Irish Biography entry to be revised Tom Crean Book

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