Tom Crean Book – 'Crean – The Extraordinary Life Of An Irish Hero'

Rediscover an Irish Hero

Tom Crean Book – 'Crean – The Extraordinary Life Of An Irish Hero'

Rediscover an Irish Hero

The Funeral of Tom Crean

Tom Crean’s Funeral and Burial

Tom Crean's Funeral and his tomb
An image from the children’s book, Tom The Mighty Explorer.

On July 28th, 1938, the funeral of Tom Crean took place. He was laid to rest in the family tomb he himself had built. His body had been transported back to his birthplace soon after he drew his last breath in neighbouring County Cork.

The death announcement in the Kerryman newspaper appeared under the heading: Late Mr. Tom Crean, R.N., Aunascaul and its opening passages read as follows:

“Deep and widespread regret is felt at the untimely and unexpected demise of Warrant Officer Tom Crean, R.N., retired, of Polar fame, which occurred on July 27th at the Bons Secour Home, Cork.

The funeral took place the next day after Solemn Requiem Mass from the Church of the Sacred Heart, Annascaul, to Ballynacourty graveyard which lies sheltered across the hill separating it from the homestead where he first saw the light some sixty years ago.

As a tribute to the popularity in which he was held, he was borne to the graveyard, a distance of nearly two miles, on the shoulders of Naval Comrades and neighbours, many of whom were his schoolboy contemporaries, The cortege, representative of every class of the community, was one of the largest ever seen in the district, and, as it wended its mournful way, many were the expressions of sorrow given vent to at the passing of a stalwart, who was a kindly neighbour and a good friend.”

84 years after his passing, the memory of this great Irish Hero is stronger than ever and it’s a measure of his greatness that his incredible story is now held up as an inspiration to more and more people of all ages, the world over. Long may his legend continue to grow.

Discover Tom Crean’s Story Revealed As Never Before

The Death of Tom Crean - 27th July 1938 Tom Crean BookTo learn more about this incredible man I’ve written a fully-referenced account that in March 2021 gave rise to substantial revisions to Crean’s story in the Dictionary of Irish Biography.

The book addresses a number of inaccuracies previously written about him and it reveals his incredible life with events and new stories that have never before been published.

All formats of the third edition of the biography ‘Crean – The Extraordinary Life of an Irish Hero’, including a hardcover version and an audiobook, are available via all major online retailers

The Death of Tom Crean - 27th July 1938 Tom Crean BookFor children, aged 6-10 years-old, it was important for me to chronicle Tom Crean’s story for the younger generation. The book ‘Tom The Mighty Explorer’, is based on the research I undertook for the grown-ups biography. Like the adult version, it’s generating excellent reviews from those who’ve read the print version or who have listened to the audiobook. Available via all major online booksellers, you can discover more about where to order the books here.

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