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Tom Crean book for children now on Kindle

Released on 2nd September 2021, is the Kindle e-book version of the book I wrote especially for young children, Tom The Mighty Explorer.

The Tom Crean book for children, which I created after consulting with parents and teachers in a mini-focus group, is now available in Kindle format and this adds to the audio, print and Apple iBooks versions already made available to readers. The book is generating great reviews from those who’ve purchased it and a number of the adults have said that it’s as interesting for them to read as much as it is for their children.

The reason I decided to write up the book was to ensure the accurate story of Tom Crean was available to children who, at such an impressionable age, will digest falsehoods that appear in other accounts of Crean’s life. This account will provide them the facts in a fun and entertaining adventure that requires some interaction from its little readers.

Here are just a few of the reviews that appear on various online platforms so far.

A gem of a book! (Orla G, Irish School Teacher, Audio Version review)

This is a really great book for children. Tom the Mighty Explorer is informative and entertaining, and the author manages to re-tell Tom’s story in a colourful and engaging way. It’s factual and fun at the same time. The voice narration is nicely paced and the contents of the book will not fail to grab the attention of young listeners. This is a book for anyone who is curious about polar exploration and, of course, in learning the true story of one of Ireland’s best loved heroes, Tom Crean.

Excellent easy read for children (Jean Caldwell, Amazon Verified)

Brilliant book for kids interested in real life adventures and heroes like Tom Crean!

Great Explorer Book (Amazon Verified Customer)

Great book for kids or adults who are interested in early explorers (Antarctica)
Nunci O’Mahoney (Irish Primary School Teacher, Print Version Review)

I have just read 40 pages of the children’s book “Tom The Mighty Explorer” to my 4th class. The book is perfectly pitched for these 10 year olds. Not only does it cover the biography of Tom, it explores life in 19th century Ireland, poverty, emigration, the British Empire and so much fascinating geography. The children were begging for more but we are limited by Zoom. As Tim Foley, the author, says, previous books on the topic do not do justice to the rich story that is Tom Crean’s life. As a teacher, I love the way Tom does not patronised the children but gives the necessary background information in a child and adult friendly way. I am so excited, that in these days of being weary of screens, the children in my class were so enthused by this book this morning. Children who thought they knew about him were amazed that there was so much more to his life than they realised. Well done Tim Foley. An exceptional feat to present so much social history in such an accessible and enjoyable book. 10 out of 10. Tom Crean book for children now on Kindle Tom Crean BookTom Crean book for children now on Kindle Tom Crean BookTom Crean book for children now on Kindle Tom Crean Book

Kathleen O’Donohue (Print Version Review, Facebook)

My granddaughter age 12 read this ( in UK) and could recount most of it- she learned about Antarctica at sec school just before Xmas – she recognised names of areas in that frozen land/sea. She said it was easy to read- I am now reading adult version Tom Crean book for children now on Kindle Tom Crean BookTom Crean book for children now on Kindle Tom Crean Book

Caroline Hyland (Print Version Review, Facebook)

Can highly recommend the children’s book. A very accessible book full of wonderful images illustrating the life of an extraordinary man. My son is 8 and we read it together and he loved it too. I called my son Tomás after Tom Crean so it was lovely to have a book to find out more about who this great man was. Tomás enjoyed the interactive section at the back and as he is only 8 we will definitely reread this book many times.

Margaret Lenihan (Print Version Review, Facebook)

I highly recommend the children’s book. Gave them to the Grandchildren and a few of my friend’s children and they loved them.

Twitter follower USA (Print Version Review, Twitter)

I’m a fan of Tom Crean and bought ‘Tom The Mighty Explorer’ for two groups of Grandkids for Christmas. Enjoyed a question and answer session with one group this evening and they were telling me things I did not know. Great job Mr Foley”

I’ve had such great fun writing the book and I’m so grateful to those parents and teachers who helped me to create a book that will inspire, entertain and educate young minds as they discover a hero they will never forget.

Because of my research Tom Crean's story has changed so do please share the posts.
    Tom Crean book for children now on Kindle Tom Crean Book    

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