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Tom Crean Book – Free PDF version for schools

Tom Crean’s story is one that the world has been bereft of for over a century and I was only fortunate enough to hit upon it because my father was born just a few miles away from Crean. I now want to share my researched and referenced account in a free PDF version with schools the world over. As the internet and digital media have no borders or barriers, now is a great time to discover an amazing story that has international appeal.

It was through my father’s limited knowledge of him and through visits to my aunt in Annascaul, that I discovered Crean. It wasn’t too difficult as his former pub, South Pole Inn, is located at the bottom of the village and inside the walls are adorned with images of the great man.

Crean’s is an incredible story, too incredible not to know and I want to share what I discovered when researching it and writing up my biography of his life.

Since 2010, I’ve campaigned to have Tom Crean’s name officially recognised by his country and there’s been a growing number of people the world over, who agree. Already over 14,000 people have signed a petition we handed over to the Irish Minister of Defence, Paul Kehoe, in February 2018 – if it bears fruit then a very fitting method of recognition would arrive in the form of the Irish Navy’s new Flagship (still in the planning stages), being named in Crean’s honour.

Additionally, over 30,000 people across the world support that aim via the Facebook page Ireland Should Honour Tom Crean and if there’s one statistic that requires change, then it’s the fact that the younger generation aren’t represented well enough.

I’m really keen to change that and feel certain that young people, not just in Ireland but across the world, will discover a story that will enthral, excite and amaze them so, in order to do this I’m offering my account of Crean’s story in a free PDF version for schools the world over.

Already, I’ve received requests and have sent the file to schools/educational establishments in USA, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and of course, in Ireland. The story of Tom Crean introduces the young to a great role-model and when I think about current role models that many young people admire, there aren’t many, if any at all, that will work to inspire and shape young lives better than the lessons Crean left us with.

Tom Crean Book - Free PDF version for schools Tom Crean Book

If you are a teacher or a head teacher then send me an e-mail to providing more info about your school or establishment and I will get back to you with further details.

Because of my research Tom Crean's story has changed so do please share the posts.
    Tom Crean Book - Free PDF version for schools Tom Crean Book    

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