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Tom Crean’s Final Journey

Tom Crean – The Final Journey

Tom Crean's Final Journey Tom Crean BookBuilt by his own hands, in a corner of a graveyard in Ballynacourty, close to his Annascaul birthplace, lies the final resting place of Tom Crean.

He was laid to rest still wearing his precious scapular. His faith meant so much to him he’d worn it since being a young man and throughout all his expeditions.

Tom Crean's Final Journey Tom Crean Book

On top of the tombstone sits a glass bowl of white porcelain flowers which arrived in a White Rolls Royce sent by Admiral Evans, whose life Tom Crean saved by undertaking his epic 36-mile solo trek.

In life, we all have our heroes, people who inspire us, people who earn our respect and those who go ‘the extra mile’ to help others.

Tom Crean clocked up hundreds of ‘extra miles’ to help and to save the lives of others and in doing so went above and beyond earning his place as a true Irish hero many times over.

Discover Tom Crean’s Story Revealed As Never Before

Tom Crean's Final Journey Tom Crean BookTo learn more about this incredible man I’ve written a fully-referenced account that in March 2021 gave rise to substantial revisions to Crean’s story in the Dictionary of Irish Biography.

The book addresses a number of inaccuracies previously written about him and it reveals his incredible life with events and new stories that have never before been published.

All formats of the third edition of the biography ‘Crean – The Extraordinary Life of an Irish Hero’, including a hardcover version and an audiobook, are available via all major online retailers

Tom Crean's Final Journey Tom Crean BookFor children, aged 6-10 years-old, it was important for me to chronicle Tom Crean’s story for the younger generation. The book ‘Tom The Mighty Explorer’, is based on the research I undertook for the grown-ups biography. Like the adult version, it’s generating excellent reviews from those who’ve read the print version or who have listened to the audiobook. Available via all major online booksellers, you can discover more about where to order the books here.

Because of my research Tom Crean's story has changed so do please share the posts.
    Tom Crean's Final Journey Tom Crean Book    

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