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Tom Crean Children’s Quiz

Welcome to your Tom Crean Quiz for Children

Tom Crean is a great Irish Hero but do you know where in Ireland he was born?
He was an explorer who went on three journeys to help find out more about the place he visited. Do you know which part of the world this was?
He was a brave, brave man who saved lots of other people's lives. For saving the life of one man he walked 35 miles in the snow and wind on his own, He was given a medal for this. What was the name of the medal?
Tom Crean was almost 16 and a half years old when he joined the Navy and his first expedition was with Captain Scott in the year 1901, over a hundred years ago. Do you know the name of the ship they sailed on?
Tom Crean was born in the year 1877 which was a time when times were hard and people were extremely poor. Do you know the date of his birthday? Choose one of the 3 answers to see if you're right.
On his second expedition he sailed again with Captain Scott on the ship Terra Nova. This time Captain Scott wanted to be the first man to reach a certain spot where no person had ever been before. What was the place called?
His last expedition to Antarctica was on a ship called Endurance and the leader was another Irishman. Do you know who this leader was?
Tom Crean came from a big family. Do you know how many brothers and sisters he had?
Captain Scott didn't choose Tom Crean to be in his final party and he had to return across the ice back to the expedition hut with two other men. What were they called?
Which football team did Tom Crean support?
Tell us why you think Tom Crean is a hero to children. There are no right or wrong answers for this but it would be really good to hear the answers from all the boys and girls doing this little quiz
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