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Tom Crean Shop – related products and designs

Celebrating Tom Crean in designs

I’ve been telling Tom Crean’s story online since 2010 after creating the campaign that finally bore fruit in January 2021, after his country finally granted him the recognition he has long deserved in the shape of a scientific vessel – the RV Tom Crean.

After 11 years of thinking up and designing images for posts and articles in an effort to generate new fans for the campaign, I continue to tell Tom’s story but I’ve also turned my hand to a different medium

Tom Crean Shop - related products and designs Tom Crean Book
Both designs shown are available in a range of colours and sizes for all ages.

Our online store now includes some of the designs made available at the Creanish Things shop at Redbubble with a range of merchandise and clothing that has one thing in common, every design I’ve created relates to Tom Crean. The most recent designs I’ve added reflect a fantastic victory for all our fans who can revel in the fact that it was people power that brought about the great result.

I’d love to see some of these designs make an appearance when Tom Crean fans celebrate the official launch when it takes place in 2022. That would be special and will serve as a reminder that it was the campaign and a signatory of the petition who made this result possible because to date, that fact has not been acknowledged.

The two campaign designs that I’ve applied to a huge range and style of shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, caps for women, men and children, are only a part of a wider design collection. There are plenty of other gifts such as wall art, (framed, canvasses and prints), styles of which include the popular poem ‘A Hero’s Lament’ and an artwork design I’ve titled ‘The Walk’ which commemorates Tom Crean’s epic solo trek across the Antarctic Ice Shelf to save the life of Edward Evans in February 1912.

What brings a smile to my face is that these designs will become a conversation starter that will introduce Tom Crean to those who haven’t got the foggiest about him. That’s where you, as the owner of one of these products, have to explain just who he was, what he did and why you’re a huge fan.

For the purpose of transparency, it would never have been possible for me to display such a wide range of designs applied to gifts and merchandise without them being offered via a print-on-demand service and because Tom Crean’s fanbase is worldwide I chose to offer them through RedBubble, who distribute globally. I earn a small commission on each sale but it is reinvested into helping me maintain the website and the social media platforms that allow me to continue to raise awareness of Tom Crean’s incredible story.

Because of my research Tom Crean's story has changed so do please share the posts.
    Tom Crean Shop - related products and designs Tom Crean Book    

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