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Tom Crean Quiz

Tom Crean Quiz Tom Crean Book

Welcome to your Tom Crean Quiz for grown-ups

Tom Crean's first seagoing assignment almost ended in conflict while serving aboard HMS Royal Arthur. In which country did the incident occur?
Tom Crean was the seventh born child of Patrick and Catherine Crean who had 11 children. Do you know how many sons and how many daughters they had?
The penultimate expedition before his retirement, was aboard HMS Fox but where was the ship's destination?

Tom Crean signed up to join the Navy when he was 16 years-old but can you name the training vessel he was recruited to?
On what date was Tom Crean born?
How old was Tom Crean when he married Ellen Herlihy?
Before Crean embarked upon his final Antarctic expedition aboard Endurance he had been earmarked for another Antarctic Expedition - who was the leader who tried to secure his services?
In what year did Robert Forde, Crean's former colleague on Terra Nova, accompany Ellen Crean, Tom's widow, to the premiere of the film Scott of the Antarctic?
How many Christmases did Tom Crean spend on the Antarctic continent?
What were the names of Tom Crean's two pet dogs?
What was the name of the ship that brought Tom Crean and other members of the Endurance expedition back to England in 1916?
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