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Tom Crean on Discovery expedition 1901-1904

Of all the images of Tom Crean that I’ve posted over the years, the vast majority originate from his last two expeditions, Terra Nova and Endurance. They are the ones we’ve all become most familiar with – images such as that of Tom holding the puppies and the iconic image of him wearing the twin-peaked cap looking steely-eyed at the camera with his pipe held firmly in his mouth which, incidentally, was taken 104 years ago today.

Rarely though have I come across many images of Tom that were taken during his first expedition yet recently I happened upon not one but four images of Tom while serving as a member of the 1901-1904 expedition aboard RSS Discovery. 

In all my years of researching and writing about Tom Crean, I’d never before seen these images so I did get a huge buzz when I happened upon them.

You’ll be pleased to learn, that after a pleasant discussion with the Royal Society, owners of a fine collection I’ve been given permission to share them here.

One of the images here is remarkable in that it features Crean alongside a number of other Polar legends, namely Scott, Shackleton and Edgar Evans.

Other photos include Tom alongside his sledge leader Lieutenant Michael Barne and the Southern Support group who very briefly held the prized furthest south record after reaching 78°50’S latitude on 11th November 1902 (Yes, Tom Crean was one of the world record holders in that group).

And so to the images which are best viewed after clicking them as they will appear in theatre mode where you can zoom in on them.  All images are credited to The Royal Society who I thank so much for allowing me to share these photos from their wonderful collection.

As a result of my interest in the photographs, The Royal Society suggested I contribute a blog post to their repository. I was delighted to accept their invitation and the post ‘Exploring Tom Crean’ can be read here

For further reading on the expedition that launched Tom Crean’s Antarctic career, Antarctica Unveiled by David E. Yelverton, is among the books I read while researching for my biography of Tom Crean.

Tom Crean on Discovery expedition 1901-1904 Tom Crean Book

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  •  Tom Crean on Discovery expedition 1901-1904 Tom Crean Book

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