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Tom Crean Quizzes

I devised these quizzes when many of us were confined to our homes with parents having to entertain the children during our lockdown period. There are five quizzes here, not all Tom Crean related but it’s still fun to have a try.

Two are based around Tom Crean, one for the kids and another for the grown-ups. There’s a Polar quiz that’s going to test even the most knowledgeable of experts and finally there are two totally unrelated quizzes, a mixed bag quiz and a music quiz. They’re not easy but anyone can give them a go.

The correct answers appear as soon as you submit so you can determine your score immediately.

So, if you’d like to give them a go then click on the links below.

Three of the quizzes have a timer that begins as soon as the page appears so don’t waste time and get stuck in right away.

Try the Tom Crean Quiz for Children – a fun quiz and educational for young children. A multiple choice quiz with one question asking why they believe Tom Crean is a hero to children that’s producing some great answers. No Timer on this but the time you took to complete the quiz is given in the results page

Try the Tom Crean Quiz – this is the grown-ups version and again it’s multiple choice. No timer

Try the Really Hard Polar History Quiz – Now this quiz is one I created but I have to confess I would struggle to answer most of the questions. It has a ‘Name The Explorer’ picture round and the remaining questions are multiple choice. Because it’s so hard there a 10-minute timer and as with all the quizzes, the answers appear immediately after you press the submission button.

Try the Stay at Home Music Quiz – Another picture round here and this one has a 6-minute timer. Suitable for teens to grown-ups, it has a good mix of multiple choice questions.

The Mixed Bag Quiz – Just what it says – a mix of history, geography, maths, science questions with a picture round. You get a generous 20 minutes to complete this so best of luck.

Many of the answers for the Tom Crean quizzes can be found in a free learning resource I created which you can access at this following link – Timeline of Tom Crean This took almost a year to create and it’s great for adults and children alike to discover the facts about Tom Crean and his life. The timeline takes you through Tom Crean’s life in a series of 34 events from his birth to his passing.

I hope this brings you a little entertainment in what has been strange times for us all and please do leave your feedback and any suggestions in the comments below.

Because of my research Tom Crean's story has changed so do please share the posts.
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